Thursday, April 22, 2010


Semoga sentiasa didalam rahmat Allah swt! Surely hope practical BioChem yang dilalui semalam beroleh kejayaan. Ameen!! One done, and eleven more to go (hope ummi got the math right!)

Sejak akhir-akhir ni ramai parents yg bertanya 'Ummi, Bila anak saya patut balik bercuti!" And my answer, it depends on u!!!....(afterall, u all yg nak balik!!)

But let ummi give u some guidance !! (and u decide!!)
Firstly: Siapa yang 'CONFIRM TAK BALIK'! It's a clear cut decision!. Just spent ur time wisely during summer holiday. Don't worry!! there will be plenty of 'activities' and majlis ilmu to work on!! Ummi got something for u peeps too!

Secondly: Nak balik? But nak tunggu result dulu!!
Utk kes kedua ni, i would suggest, u need NOT worry about buying tickets now!!.. Ummi just spoke with Dean over the phone!, results expected to be out within 30-45 days after the final paper!!...Meaning, it could be around early August 2010! Masa tu byk aja tiket available!! (Believe me!)...why tak perlu beli ticket now?? simply becoz u ain't got exact date to fly!!( if FINAL RESULT is what u r waiting for!!)...kalau book skrg..and nak tukar2 date!! u might incur some charges...(might!!)

For those, who ready 'LE' to go back?? why wait for result?.. Study betul2...DO UR BEST NOW!! and pastikan MUMTAZ dlm tangan!!...and GO BACK to ur family yang dirindui!!...Bear in mind, (harap2nya tak ramai!!...but some of u need to come back for resit paper in August!!)...So kalau balik awal August...kena dtg balik end August!!..huh..maknanya...tak puaslah balik bercuti!!!

and another option!!
To those yg dok fikir tunggu result, kalau (if kalau ...kalaulah!!) kena resit....baik balik lepas resit!!....sebab kena dok mesir utk study!!.. then again....

Thirdly: Nak balik after exam!! best to go back within a week or so!! esp June, to benefit lower fares! and spent more time with family!! Huhu! :-) Kalau kena resit pun, u all dah...'release kerinduan kat family'...lepas tension..Boldha..ha......kurang2 mind setel before resit !!...(doakan semua BERJAYA!!..ameen!)

Please take note, our academic team will be entrusted to collect, translate, scan and email result for those on holiday!! (as usual ummi would be here...juz b4 result is OUT!!!) wink:-) wink:-)...Insyallah, semoga diberi kelapangan!!


With regard to ICDL, just spoke to Dean with regards to this matter:
1. The priority to do ICDL is for 2nd year and above yang masih tak buat ICDL lagi.
2. For 1st year, who 'adamantly' wanna go back, MedicMesir had make arrangement for ICDL classes early 2nd year, masa masing2 tak busy lagi!
3. But those, definitely not going back for summer, by all means, u can do it early as wishes. (afterall not big deal....ICDL mudah!)
4. ICDL fees charges by Tanta uni :--with training (400LE)...and 300LE for those sitting for exam only!!

Last but not least! (please make doa!!)
MedicMesir is in the midst of running its ICDL at UPM with 'adik-adik' u all...Insyallah, kalau ada rezeki u all...its FOC!, Insyallah!

hope this guide helps in choosing ur Departure Date!!!

All the best in next 11 treasures!!....May Allah swt showers u peeps with all his blessing!!

Salam Sayang & Demi Amanah IbuAyah!!
ummiMM :-)


  1. buat kt cni je la ICDL~
    kt mesia byk bnda kena blaja and strict~
    blk umah baik spend masa ngan family..ahaks!!

  2. salam,

    tak juga...depends gak...
    kalau siapa tak balik cuti ...buat d mesir!
    bayar 400LE...10 days class

    siapa yg balik cuti, buat d malaysia dgn adik2 junior nanti ...bagus gak!!...boleh kenal2 lebih awal!!....
    MM Insyallah bagi free aja...

    soalan mana2 pun sama lah sayang!! sebabnya online and offline Q nyer sama...
    (kalau nak soalan bocor...belanja ummi teh tarik lah!!) huhu


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