Saturday, May 8, 2010

There are a few announcement to be made :

  1. There will be no change in the examination schedule, 1st paper will start on 10th May (physiology written).
  2. Please be inform that you need to take your kernih ( student card) from madam Salwa (tempat amek coupon) immediately as you need it to take the exam.
  3. Finally, please don't go to Physiology department tomorrow. If not, the question will be change. All the questions that will come out in the exam will based on what Dr Saha told us on the meeting last Tuesday. This come from Dr Saha herself.

Bit taufiq Wan Najah fi Imtihan. Ikhlas dari,
Ahmad Samhan
(Pengerusi, Tanta MedicMesir 1st Year )



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