Monday, May 10, 2010

Salam All,

Below is latest update, transpired during our meeting with Dr Mohsen (Dean)
1. FINAL examination date will begin in june 3rd
2. FINAL schedule will be issued within 2 days time.
3. Dean or Vice Dean will contact Mr Samhan directly for 1st year Schedule.
4. Gap between Histo And biochem 4 days and 8 days for anatomy.

Dean advise all to study HARD and make use the XTRA time available

Other related issues

1. Tarikh tiket akan diubah kemudian.

2. Student cards(kerneh) will be distributed today according to house representatives.

Meeting attended by MMTanta reps:
Ahmad Samhan,Izzuddin Azaharuddin,Munzir Pahimi and Nuzul Furqanni


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