Friday, July 30, 2010

All of u, especially those at home for summer, are cordially invited to ummi's youngest brother's Walimah, Shah Rizal (acu @ kojak) with his 2be wife, Shira Nasir as follow:

Date: 1st August 2010, Sunday, 8pm
Venue: Silverheritage, Ipoh.

RSVP, Please call or SMS ummi's private secretary, Kausar @ 019 6977632

Alhamdulillah, both of them are already a specialist doctor before the age of 30. Currently residing in Ireland. Insyallah, u guys can learn a lot from them!. Harap2 ramai dapat dtg menyerikan dan meriuh rendahkan majlis! Please extend invitation to mak ayah ....

Oklah...hope to see u this Sunday! Datang..jangan tak dtg. From KL....pls car pool!

salam & lots of luv,


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