Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Tho from far, ummi can feel the exam fever is heating u peeps!!.....Tho between stress and upmost busy schedule preparing for FINAL....the TRIO worked it all OUT and make it happened!!

CONGRATS & SYUKRAN AWI2 to Ahmad Samhan / Izzudin / Munzir for the troubles to make it a reality!!

Alhamdulillah, awesome attendance !!! and from what i heard!! the slides were well prepared and definitely all that presence benefitted from it!!!...Alhamdulillah!!!

Well DONE!...It was EXCELLENT MAIDEN Presentation!!! Keep it up!!....

Last but not least, May Allah swt grants u peeps ease and strength as the FINAL is approaching!!! Make DOA that Allah swt will grants OUR WISHES....TO BREAK THE MUMTAZ record ever in Tanta ...and in MESIR!!. Ameen!!

I CAN SEE IT!!! ICAN DO IT !!!....get the right mindSET peeps!! MOVE ON!!! it ain't be long!!! ...u'll get OVER it SOON!!....Insyallah!!...with Flying colors!!


O Allah!! Pls grants us HELP!!!

Salam Alaykum & Lots of Love:-)


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