Wednesday, April 14, 2010

......excuse me tarbond, dok jalan2 di virtual world!!...found this ...and it's just caught my attention...huhu...sorry..mintak izin na!!

Its been a long time since my last post,this blog is not updated. I got no idea to write necessary things here.. so it’s better for me to do other things than waste my time blogging.

But since my final is just, 3 weeks from now, and my preparation, is not convencing me to sit for my final paper, so i need to make drastic move, for me to be prepared for my final. And my first exam will be my practical, which will need me to speak English.. ==’ since i’m not good enough in English, so i need to spend more time in speak, watch, and think English.. XD.. so this post won’t be to long since, I’m not good in writing in English. What r u laughing at??? Zzzzzz XD

1st of all, alhmdulillah, i've recieved my mid sem result.. alhmdllh, its quite ok la.. and as i told before, i did'nt do well for my physio.. there it goes.. ckp2 makan jek r.. wtv it is.. alhmdullillah la, my result is ok although i play too much during those exam..

Actually, i will be hibernate for a while from this internet things, such as facebook, blogs, chatting and the most important is dota things.. so, its better for me to keep my laptop away from my table, and keep it away from my sight. Hoping that lazy will come when i'am about to turn on my lappy.. Since this laptop doesn’t help me a lot in my studies, as it is used for entertain only. If it is not for dota, it will be used for facebooking or chating.. lagho2... so its better for me to store it. So, this project will begin starting from 1st of april (this is not april fool, liao!), i will be away for about 3 month i hope, till i finish my last paper on akhiran of july.

Emm.. nowadays, many of the spm leavers were ‘heboh’ about their upcoming interview. My cousin and some of my Jr, PM me and asking for tips.. gaah.. gudluck la ppl. U all got those gempak2 result, of course la u can do it too in the intervw. Don’t worry much la. Be sure, u make good essay(for mara ppl), and for those in jpa’s be confident when gathering with others. For me, control your nervous is everythg. Since u cant perform well when u are under pressure . So be cool la.. and make sure u make enough research on the course u’ll take and do some research on the organizers that give the scholars.. haha, i was asked a bit about early development of mara. And lastly, don’t forget to pray to allah, and asked strength from him. Since only him will decide our rizk, and our future.

Emm, I do don’t have many things to say , all i can say before my long-long away from the internet is, take care ppl, do take care of ur hablum min allah wa hablum min annaas.. pray for my success in my final, and insyallah, i’ll pray for ur success too.. insyallah.. later, bittaufik wann najah assalamualaikum..


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