Wednesday, October 27, 2010


15th October 2010. Eid-Fitri is a celebration of peace love and victory to us Muslims it is also a symbol of togetherness and to lesser extent a celebration of love and friendship. MMtanta launched an eid celebration as well as the closing ceremony of the orientation week for our new students more commonly named as Ahlan Misr.

We were very grateful to Allah for giving us an opportunity to receive a visit from the vice dean of Tanta University Dr. Abdel Monem Noaman. His arrival to the Academic Centre was greeted by the comittees of MMtanta our Chairman, Ahmad Samhan and the Cheif Executive Officer(CEO) of MedicMesir, Mdm. Siti Haniza or more commonly refered as UMMI by our students.

Many thanks also to Mr Abdel Manaf, Ms Nora (Dr Abdel Monem daughter) and friends for making the events for colorful!. Ms Nora is a graduate doctor from Tanta University and she scored MUMTAZ througout her student life. Congrats Ms NORA! May more Malaysians will duplicate your success.

It was a great honor to have Tanta University top representatives to visit Malaysian student's house. We had been informed that this was a HISTORY in the making as such event never happened before.

During the visit Dr. Abdel Monem was given the opportunity to enjoy various Malaysian delicacies and embraced Malaysian culture. He also delivered an empowering speech for the students as well as ensured our students on the safety of the MM-Academic Centre. Besides being the guest on honor Dr. Abdel Monem also delivered prizes for the JOM! xTant programme which was a competition which was held in the morning.

As a conclusion, the presence of Dr. Abdel Monem made the event much more special and perfect and we would hope that this would be a begining to many new things to come in the future.

Thank You Dr. Abd Monem and all those who made this programme a reality.

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